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Pat Rundell is an actor, director, producer, educator, and graphic designer currently based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Most known for his work with Urban Arts Productions and Kaleidoscope Theatre, Pat’s passion lies with providing quality theatre experiences for a broad audience.

Pat has worn many hats while building his career – designer, programmer, marketer, fundraiser, administrator, director, actor and more. As a result, He has a unique ability to manager multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges within the arts sector.

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As many audience members were familiar with Thomas Hulce’s iconic performance as Amadeus in the film, Rundell had the unenviable task of carving out a new interpretation. No anxiety of influence was discernible, here. Rundell’s Mozart was at times fey, at other times petulant. He made believable Mozart’s genius that came wrapped in obscenity.

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